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  • You: HOEBAG!!!
  • Me: What bag?
  • ahahahahaha remember
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Love is not love which alters when it alternation finds - WS

x K

Dear Constard, 

HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY. I never thought I’d be saying this , but you have well, grown up quite a bit in the past few years that i’ve known you and the past 3 that you’ve been mah bee ef ef. Officially though, 3 years. You and me babehhh, it’s been good and bad times. I have to say, I definitely miss them bus rides. I miss staring at your egg shaped face and criticising your JB music. (And by that, I don’t mean Justin Bieber cause he’s still acceptable, I mean, The Jonas Brothers) I miss throwing your sock at the back of the bus and then laughing for countless hours while I watched you try to grab it. And of course, I miss telling Shareen to shut up every time she used to interupt. Hahaha, Man, Freshman year memories. Anywho, like I said, we’ve sure come a long way. From being oddly engaged in committed relationships in 8th grade to having led a successful single high school life, we’ve come suuuuchhhhh a long way. Even tho, we still laugh at the same jokes and criticise the same things, lol. I guess we haven’t changed that much. What I’m trying to say is, this is your second last birthday with all of us. Take it in, take it in……..No, i don’t only like your birthday because mine’s right after yours, I like it cause it literally signifies the starting of a new year. Happy new year. Anyway, your 16th birthday letter to me was heartbreaking, amongst the telling me youre moving away and then telling me to count the 16 balloons you drew on the letter paper, I mean, you’re a unique kid. And you came back to us, lol (obvs cause pathways is the only place that can stand you) we’re the only friends that can stand you hahaha. Oh you 16, almost 17 year old, you. I love you babe I hope you have the best day ever because you, as cliched as it sounds, deserve all of it. Have a good one Constard! Missing you xx K 


you, in your true form. 

- S



hip hop assamies hair part 2.mp4

you dated that. 


You’re officially 17. AHHH. Happy Birthday!!!! First of all I’d like to say, I hate the fact that we won’t be together on your 17th, coz you’re stuck in Assam, but oh wellll, whatever. We” still make it pretty kickass coz we are the bestest friends you will ever get. So basically, I love you. You are one crazy, amazing, funny, annoying, SMART (still hating on you for the 2060), child. I can go on and on, but I’m too lazy and its very cold. Yeah. We have legit tons of memories together. I don’t even know where to start, but lets just go with Maths Grade 8, your first day. LOL you used to let me copy your homework every single day. Achla mam’s class. Then when I moved to World Spa, our bus rides, chilling at the cafe, and our spot. Playing tennis and squash (lol more like sobbing), basketball, night walks, Skype calls, I can literally go on forever. Then High School, our dramatic start, our music dedications and punching sessions. We used to chill every single day. *sigh* I miss that. Our singapore trip, honestly the best trip ever. Sneaking out, shopping like there no tomorrow, starbucks, trying to miss the plane. What did we not do. Then boards started kicking in, endless hours of studying, emailing each other, taking like 20 minute breaks in the cafe, and then came probably the funniest fail of all time. Boards ended, and you were about to leave. Most of us bawled. Dude, you cried. I swear, I actually thought that I won’t survive high school without you, and literally, a week later, I find out you’re coming back. Wow. Like actually, biggest joke ever. Then this year, even though you are in boarding, it hasn’t changed anything.  From our Maths classes, to Barros’s Physics classes. They are just … entertaining. Then my birthday, when you got me drunk (yes I blame you), and the things that happened that night. I’d rather not talk about that, but yeah. Pretty crazy night. And then you staying with me for those 8 days was probably our best time together. We got so close, talked so much, studied a lot too (yours actually paid off), ate like pigs, drank so much coffee, and your conversation with my parents. Oh that was a fun week. Anyway, every single moment I have had with you has been amazing. Even though you’re annoying and you suck, I still love you. Yes, I do believe you’re gonna turn lesbian, and I really hope you do like someone who looks like Jessica Capshaw (sorry for scaring Anoushka again lolol ) 

Okay, you’re probably bored now, and I am tired and I should be studying, but oh well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN <3 <3 <3 

To the craziest memories, the crazy now, and the crazier memories we’re gonna make in the future. (You’re getting into John Hopkins, don’t worry). 

Love you, forever and always xx

- Shareen 

Awww, how cute are you. 

What happened? 

(nice hair btw)   

- S

dude, I have like literally 30 pictures of you sleeping. weirdo. 

- S